12th September 2018

In the dead of night, on Friday the 14th of September Uniplan are creeping into Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush with two big trucks. Each truck will carry half a house. While the rest of the city sleeps, this house will be snuck in right at the base of the famous Sydney Olympic Cauldron that Cathy Freeman spectacularly lit in 2000.

What’s going on? Do the cops know?

For sure – nothing too sinister here! Uniplan is excited to be part of the Caravan Camping Outdoor Lifestyle Expo where we will be proudly exhibiting just how amazing modular homes can be.

Setting up a complete house, fully furnished, in a very short timeframe is no small feat. We will have teams working around the clock to get everything in place in just a few short days. It will indeed spring up like a mushroom in the dark – nothing there one day and, bam, the next day a massive three bedroom home appears from nowhere.

Come check it out – book your show tickets here: https://www.caravanexpo.com/2018-expo/tickets/

And then… as fast as it arrived, on Sunday night after the last visitor leaves, it will magically disappear again. It will be uninstalled and shipped off to the country where an excited client is already waiting for it.

We’ll keep you update along the way… Truly amazing!