Our Process

Let’s Chat

01. Let’s Chat


There is so much to explore, plan and design when you’re starting the building journey. Spending a few moments with one our experienced team is always a good starting point to see how Uniplan’s factory-built modular construction can help.

Sketch Design

02. Sketch Design


Once we’re on the same page and have a pretty good idea of what you need, we can come up with a concept plan to ensure we’re on the right track.

Initial Price & Spec

03. Initial Price & Spec


There is no point getting too excited without being certain we can meet your expectations for price and inclusions. The sooner we know we’re in the ball park the sooner we can all be comfortable to take the next step.

Final Design & Contract

04. Final Design & Contract


This is where we all get serious about making this happen. We lock in prices, plans, colours and inclusions that you are 100% confident will tick all your boxes.

Approval & Scheduling

05. Approval & Scheduling


Once your plans are approved by council, we then schedule it into our production system and get all the technical details ready to enable speedy construction in our factory.


06. Construction


This is where the magic happens! We construct your building in our factory and get it ready for delivery to your site.

Delivery & Installation

07. Delivery & Installation


Once your building is fully constructed we load it on a specialised truck and bring the completely built module/s and install them on your site.



You should come and check out our factory sometime!

At Uniplan Group we’re fanatical about LEAN manufacturing. We’re continually finding new and improved ways to manufacture the perfect home or cabin.
We have varying techniques for manufacturing different sized dwellings. Some are built in a single location from start to finish, while others are produced through a production line with various ‘Stations’ the pass through to have set tasks completed.

Smaller dwellings move through 8 stations with each station taking two days to complete their work. This means we build a complete home, from scratch all the way through to painting, tiling, curtains and floor coverings in just 16 days! Beat that!

That means our factory produces a fully complete home every 2 days.

Keeping in touch every step of the way.

It is important that we keep you up to date about your project. To ensure this we follow a detailed Project Management System. We introduce you to the various team members that you will be working with.

We want you to feel like part of our family. You need to know who you will be talking to about colours, site details, payments and the likes. At the time of signing the contract we will provide you with an overview and contact details for all our key players.