About Uniplan Construction Group

Our Beginnings

Back in 1999 we started out as a three man team of Howard, Ben and William Scott. This family grounding stays with us today. How times have changed from our first years where all buildings we constructed out of doors. While we may have grown and increased our facilities and capabilities, some things have remained unchanged. Our solid belief in good old fashioned customer satisfaction has ensured those clients we earned back in 1999 are still buying from us today.

Our Growth & Innovation

One of our core values is – “We Innovate to Grow”. This means we’re always looking for new designs, methods and processes. We thrive on finding exciting new products. We’re attracted to clients who love to dream big and create something awesome. It is with this innovation that growth comes, resulting in a year on year average annual growth in excess of 15% over the last 10 years. With a team that has grown from our small three man crew to a staff of 130+, excellent financial stability and well developed systems we will continue our enthusiastic appetite for creativity well into the future.

Our Mission

Every company needs a guiding light to give them a purpose and reason for being. Our mission is:

“Be a role model in our field of expertise, provide for the local community, elevate our employees and create lasting relationships in a hardworking, family spirit of the highest ethics.”

Our Values

By hiring staff aligned with the company culture we continue to develop the enthusiasm and excitement that got the company to where it is today. Our Values speak to the way the company was founded and are the key to what will continue to make Uniplan Group a dynamic, vibrant company well into the future.
The things we value here are:

  • We’re a Team of spirited hard workers.
  • We Innovate to grow.
  • We Make a difference.
  • We Believe in what we do.
  • We make things Easy for our customers.
  • We show Respect to one another.

If you would like to read our Values Statement please click here.

About Us