14th October 2011

Did you know that at the Louvre Museum in Paris, which houses the Mona Lisa (also known as the La Gioconda), has a stock of about 385,000 artworks with 35,000 on display at any one time?

Do you know that 100’s of people wait in long queues every day to get into the Louvre Museum…. to see what? The 35,000 artworks? No one little 77cm x 53cm painting called the Mona Lisa painted in 1506.

OK – so what’s the relevance of that?

If you want your holiday park to be successful you need a Mona Lisa. What? We need a 77 x 53cm painting?

No – a distinctive point of difference! You can’t see the Mona Lisa anywhere else in the world but at the Musee du Louvre. What do you have at your holiday park that you need to tell everybody about?

Just like us – you can buy cabins and buildings from almost anywhere. But if you want our vision of innovative, functional and modern forms along with our friendly family values then where do you go?

So make a big list of your holiday park’s best attractions. Then chop this list down to your two very best offerings. That is your Mona Lisa!! It could be anything… your kiddies pool, your cafe, your views… whatever.

Every time you have a client on the line – tell them about your Mona Lisa!

Don’t talk about the weather and the economy – talk about your Mona Lisa… and watch them line up at your door.

(Sorry this blog doesn’t really link with cabins or ablutions or any such buildings – but is sure links with our vision of “bringing our clients trustworthy advice and information to facilitate their success”)