13th April 2022


Uniplan’s new 7000m2 factory is nearing completion. Despite a number of wet weather delays we are now on the home straight.


Have you tried to do a development in recent months? It seems almost impossible to get tradesmen and contractors at the moment! Let alone building materials…. These challenges have meant the factory building schedule is running about 5 weeks behind. But we will get there!


If nothing else, it has reminded us about how important it is for Uniplan to bend over backwards to get our customers’ projects completed on time.


That’s why our overarching focus for our clients is to “Deliver on the day we say”.


We hold this goal as tremendously important, knowing how much it means to our clients that we match our promises with actions. Our entire factory schedule is geared around predicting the delivery date for your new homes or cabins, and then aligning the entire schedule to deliver on that promise. ‘We deliver on the day we say!”


Anyway… back to the new factory.


It will provide nearly double the production space we currently have, plus completely new offices for our staff. As your support has continued over the past 22 years (shoot that’s a long time!) and our production requirements have continued to grow, this new facility will provide many efficiencies. Plus of course, increased output.


Keep your orders coming!

(Oh, and if you know a mate that is a plumber, electrician, tiler, chippie, painter, or any other trade… and they would love to work in the beautiful regional town of Armidale – let us know. We have jobs for them!)