The worst thing about building a new home is the unpredictability of how long it will take. They say it will take 6 months and it ends up taking 9!

There are so many delays that creep in when  building on site. Not with Uniplan modular homes – seeing as they are built in the controlled environment of our factory, we can tell you EXACTLY when it will be delivered to site.


Out on a building site anything can happen. Here is our factory our modular homes go through rigorous inspections every step of the way.

This means quality is much more controllable plus there is no damage through building materials being exposed to the elements.


According to it takes between 4 to 12 months to build a new home.

Building a Uniplan modular home is substantially quicker. Of course we still need to get council approval, which takes just as long as anyone else but the actual build time is drastically shorter.

An average modular home takes Uniplan 28 days in our factory and 3 – 6 weeks to install and finish it on site.

Fixed price

The scary thing about building on site is the cost blow outs. You’re not quite certain when you will get hit on the back of the head with a variation.

With a Uniplan modular home you get a fixed price quote up front.


Building on site is so inefficient compared to building in the controlled environment of a factory.

We can use resources much more efficiently and reduce waste.

On top of that there are a host of sustainability features we can include in your modular home to make it a high performance house.

Minimal site disruption

Don’t you hate a messy building site that drags on for months? You drive past and see mud and rubbish strewn everywhere.

With a Uniplan modular home, seeing as the bulk of the work is complete in the factory, there is minimal site disruption for a much shorter period of time.

Regional and Remote locations

A ‘normal’ builder hates working in a remote or regional location. They have to travel back and forth every day and getting supplies to site is a drama.

A modular home doesn’t have any of these hassles. We’ll take them a 1000km no hassles. Its easy for us to keep driving once we have your fully built home on the back of the delivery truck.

Reduced finance holding time

Because our building time is shorter than conventional building – the length of time you need to arrange holding or bridging finance is much less.

We can even work with you to provide a suitable finance provider that can make this a breeze.

Superior Structural Strength

Every builder has to comply with the building code for structural strength.

The difference is we have to take this up a few levels to give our modular homes the strength they need to travel down the highway at 100km/h! They all have superior bracing to any on site built home.

When is a modular not suitable?

OK, modular homes are fantastic but there are some cases where they don’t suit.

If your site has very limited access we won’t be able to deliver a fully built modular home onto your property. This means they’re really not ideal if you in a heavily built up urban area with narrow streets and overhanging power lines.