10th September 2018

Uniplan Group is key provider of employment in Armidale with growing number of staff now tallying over 120. We couldn’t be the great business we are today without the support of our wonderful staff and the community. Our Company Mission is, “Be a role model in our field of expertise, provide for the local community, elevate our employees and create lasting relationships in a hardworking, family spirit of the highest ethics.” As a way of supporting our staff and the community we have established a Community Sponsorship Program. This will allow local community clubs and not for profit organisations to apply for a one-off sponsorship from Uniplan Group.

Successful applicants this year were;

Armidale Kookaburras Auskick Club

Demon Knights Football Club

United Hockey Club

Duval Kayaking Club

New England Mountain Bikers

We look forward to supporting our local community next year with this program.