10th March 2017

Each Uniplan home is created to suit the individual and we know everyone has their own taste and style so here are a few tips to creating an interior you love.

  • BE ORIGINAL…Try for originality in your home with colours, patterns and textures. Don’t be dictated by trends.
  • WALK THE FLOOR… Think about the flooring and how you will use your home. Uniplan has a wide range of options that include carpet, vinyl and timber flooring.
  • BALANCE THE ACT… Think about scale when furnishing your new home. Scale refers to the relationship between two or more objects. For example think about picture frames on the wall, are they too large or small for the space.
  • ADD FINISHING TOUCHES… Add your personality through rugs, pillows and linen.
  • LIVE COLOURFULLY… Don’t be afraid to add your stamp to it with colour. Wall colour can create a mood or feeling for your home, don’t be afraid to use it.
  • LOVE NATURE… Think about including plants to your living space, not only are you bringing a living thing into your home you are helping with your air quality.
  • LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE… Lighting can also change the way your interior feels. Uniplan has a large range of lighting options to suit your needs. Include floor lamps in a room to create a warm inviting feeling.

If you are still having a hard time imagining your interior you can speak with our team to make your dream a reality.