20th April 2023

A modular home is built to last. It has to be! Which other home gets its strength test out by being put on the back of a truck and carried down the highway at 100km/h!?! That’s why we’re happily confident to stand behind our homes with the same 7 year warranty that every builder provides with confidence that a Uniplan’s custom design modular homes are built to last.

The skeleton…

Any house is only as strong as its foundation. With a modular home, it all starts with the chassis underneath the floor. At Uniplan every home has its own custom design heavy duty steel chassis. Not only does this give it years of strength and termite resistance on site but it also gives it the rigidity needed to transport your new modular home to your site. This transport is the ultimate test of toughness. The entire home has to be lifted up and placed on the truck. Then there is the travel to site and the offloading and positioning onto your site. The mega strong chassis is one of the core elements that makes all this possible.

In addition to the chassis, the walls and roof of our custom design modular homes are also braced well in excess of what is required of a normal built-on-site home. Normal builders would only braced a portion of the external walls of a home depending on the requirements of the wind zone for your site. At Uniplan, every external wall has additional bracing to give it its strength for the journey to site. While this isn’t needed once it’s on site, you can rest assured that it is adding to the fact that modular homes are built to last just as long or longer than a built-on-site home.

The external…

With the cladding on the external walls, we know how much Aussies love brick veneer buildings. This isn’t really practical with a modular home. But, ask anyone that knows anything about building and environmental efficiency and they will tell you that bricks are the most unsustainable and inefficient form of wall cladding. We love the sustainable cladding options that we use and highly recommend their good looks and durability. At Uniplan we use either the Weathertex range of cladding boards (which have a 25 year warranty) or the touch range of Colorbond steel sheeting. These can be combined in a number of ways to create a custom design that is built to last.

The internal…

When it comes to the internal finishes and fixtures, a custom design modular home is no different to a built-on-site home. At Uniplan we use the same plasterboard, tiles, paint and fittings as use in traditional building. You’re not compromising any choices by choosing to go with a modular building.

If there is something specific you want to include in your custom design modular home, chat about it to our design staff. Perhaps you have a unique tile you love, special appliance you can’t do without or flooring that you’ve used before. We want to make sure that you new home is perfectly custom designed just for you and is built to last for years to come.

We look forward to chatting about your new home!