16th February 2016

Are you building a home in 2016? Here are some exterior colour trends to think about before you do.


Keep it Classic

Classic colours are just that “classic” they will never really go out of fashion. If you don’t wish to change your house colour to keep up with trends than keep it classic.


Cool vs Dark.

Cooler colours will reflect the heat, if you are building in an area with a hotter climate consider using cool colours think whites & creams, using darker colours can heat up your home however if you are building in an area with a cold climate than consider using darker colours as they attract the sun and can help heat up your home.


Need Ideas?

Look around your neighbourhood for inspiration, why do these homes and colours appeal to you? You could also scan over the numerous house and garden magazines in your local newsagents or online.


Style & Character

Ask yourself what style you want your house to be, do you want it to be more modern or traditional and think about what colours fit with the style.


Fittings & Fixtures

External fittings can change the style, think light fittings and window frame colours and trims also the door can act as a feature with a pop of colour.



When thinking about your exterior colour schemes think about where your house is going to be located and how it will fit into its environment. Will it be surrounded by bush or will it be in town?

Add personality

Be brave, it’s your home after all and you are the one that will be living there, if you want a bright red door then have one or if your favourite colour is green then go for it.


And if you still can’t decide on exterior colours we have put together 6 new exterior colours schemes for you to look at on our website http://www.uniplangroup.com.au/exteriors/