20th August 2018

Those of us in the business community so often take the food on the table and the water in our taps for granted. Much of Australia is in the grip of what some are calling the worst drought in living memory. Many farmers in New South Wales and Queensland are facing ruin and tragically some are even taking their own life. The normally beautiful New England & North West, where our factories are located, is parched. As you travel around the area you see herds and flocks scratching for food in what appears to be nothing more than dirt and dust. You know that within many farm houses there are families doing it just as tough. I have commissioned our companies, Timberline and Uniplan, to rally in support our local farmers by supporting the Please help our farming friends through the fantastic work that Rural Aid do, particularly with the Buy a Bale program. Please help us help them by giving whatever you can. Thank you for joining us in support of our farmers, Ben Scott Managing Director, Uniplan