Ready To Start Designing Your
Dream Home?

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Where do you start?

We understand how nerve-wracking and insurmountable it can all seem. We’ve helped so many 1st home buyers by making the process easy. We have a proven process to guide you every step of the way.

Let’s start by using our simple new home budgeting tool to get a very good idea of what your new home will cost. We all hate the banks, once you have a great budget we can give you some excellent tips to help you talk their lingo about finance. A well-presented budget makes it so much easier to get finance approval.

Then we can get stuck into designing the perfect 1st home for you. It should be exciting, not daunting! Let’s make this happen! Get in touch with us about our “Uniplan Building System.”

The exciting day has come! You’re moving into your 1st home! Everything went to plan
and you will be able to proudly show your friends around.

Ending up with badly designed house that has cost you more than you budgeted so
now you can’t afford much landscaping… yep – the standard building horror story!

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What is included in your pricing?

Pretty much everything. All you need is to connect the services and move in with your furniture! We have varying levels of specifications for you to choose from but they all include a complete internal fit out of floor and wall coverings, painting, kitchen and bathroom, window coverings, delivery and installation within 300km of Armidale. We really do make it easy for you. You’re also welcome to discuss special requirements that you would like us to include. We always customise to your exact needs.

Is there an extra charge if we don’t go with your standard plans?

Definitely not – it’s very rare that we build a standard plan – we’re always customising for our clients. When we do a custom plan for you we use the same costing formulas to calculate the price – just as if it were a standard plan. We have designed our factory to allow us to customise everything. We will draw up your own personal design, either based on one of our designs or totally from scratch. You’re welcome to send us a ‘mud map’ of your own making.

How long will it take to build?

Actual building time can be as little as 11 days for a single module, but they do need to get scheduled in our system. Our factory runs like a production line. Each module only takes 11 days from starting to weld the steel chassis through to getting finished off with window coverings, cupboards and all. We can produce a fully completed module every single day! Pretty quick! You’re welcome to inspect our factory and see just how it all comes together.

Do you offer finance?

We don’t offer finance but we can provide a list of lenders and mortgage brokers who understand our construction methods. Just ask our sales staff for details.

Why should we buy from you?

We offer a quick, cost effective, custom made, hassle free building experience. For the last 20 years we have been finding new ways to make the whole process as EASY as we can for you. From council applications to colour choices and architectural design to site works – we make it simple and hassle free.