Modular Home VS Kit home

Posted in on the 20th April 2023
So what is the difference between a modular or prefab home and a kit home? So many people get them confused but they are two very different things. To make it clear, let’s explain the process you would go through to get a kit home. Let’s use the analogy of baking a cake. If the... View Article
Uniplan’s main mission is to make the building process as easy as possible. You’ve heard all the horror stories about building. Our plan is to make the building process for your new modular home as easy and stress free as possible. Here are three mistakes you really need to avoid if you’re looking for an... View Article

How long does a modular home take to build?

Posted in on the 20th April 2023
Because the building process in our factory for a modular home is so streamlined, your new home can built in as little as a third of the time compared to building a house on site. A compact modular home takes only 18 days to build from raw materials such as steel and timber and create... View Article
Everyone has heard the horror stories about building. Cost over runs, time blow outs, risky builders… Here are five ways how factory-built modular construction makes your life easier. 1. The weather is the weather – you can’t control it, neither can we. That’s why building out in the elements like a common builder does is... View Article

Budget / Costing for a modular home

Posted in on the 20th April 2023
Building on a budget is probably the biggest challenge for anyone building a new home. Unless of course you’re a billionaire and you’re building your tenth mansion in some secluded waterfront getaway! But for the rest of us… how can you make it easy to work out the cost to build your new home? The... View Article

Hassle free building

Posted in on the 20th April 2023
This is really why Uniplan exists… there is nothing more we love than to be able to show you how to make it easy to build a new home. You don’t normally think of the words stress free when you think of building a new home. Why is it so common that builders take much... View Article

Buy cabins and reduce your tax bill.

Posted in on the 20th April 2023
We all like reducing our tax bill don’t we? With PM Morrison’s stimulus package now is your chance to do just that with a purchase of new cabins. If you haven’t got your head around the ‘Instant Asset Write Off’ part of the stimulus package then here is a quick explainer of how it can... View Article

Wow a new record this week! 21 Modules

Posted in on the 20th April 2023
We love setting new records and this week is a new one for us. Our factory peaked with 21 modules under construction at one time on Wednesday this week! That’s a LOT OF BUILDINGS! At the moment we have a number of smaller cabins under construction meaning that we could double them up in some... View Article
If you live on a rural property you would well know how hard it is to get a tradesman. For a tradie, travelling 20, 30 or 50km out to a site is a regular pain in the ….. First of all you have to drive out there a few times to quote and then you... View Article

Custom doesn’t mean expensive

Posted in on the 20th April 2023
When you hear the words “Custom Design” what’s the first things you think of? Expensive? Long waiting time to make? Difficult process? With Uniplan’s modular homes, every single one we build is a custom design. Here is why. Our manufacturing process is specifically designed to allow a custom designed modular home to be built just... View Article
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