The sales and design process

We love to make things easy for you. We know what a big step you are taking with your proposed building project. That’s why we have put so much work into our sales and design process, to make it flow with the minimum of hassle for you.

1. Initial exploration:

Every idea has to start somewhere. When you first enquire with Uniplan Group, you will find our staff helpful and caring. We’re not in a rush to ‘sell you something’. We just keen to understand what you need to we can give you the best information you need to start your research. Before talking plans and prices, both you have to be comfortable that we’re the right fit for your project.

2. Site or Display Visit:

Getting to know your needs more exactly is done either by you coming to visit our factory and displays or us coming to visit your site. We can then spend an hour or two together and dive into much more detail like:

  • Sketch plan so that we get a good idea of size and layout specific to your site
  • ‘Design Matrix’ where we go through internal and external inclusions and what your choices are
  • After that we can give you an ‘Indicative Price’. This helps you truly understand if Uniplan Group is the best fit for your project.
  • If that all sounds good to you then we move ahead with an ‘Initial Investment’ of $1800. This lets us really get stuck into your project.

3. Initial Investment

At this stage we dive right in and get our Architects to draw you a fully detailed set of plans, elevations and 3D views. You will also get to choose colours and finishes. For residential clients, we also get the early council discussions happening to find out exactly wat they will require.

4. Contract Stage

After steps 1 – 3 you will be 100% certain that Uniplan fully understands your project. Now it is time for us to provide you with a contract and fully detailed plans. All that is left is for you to sign your acceptance so we can press ahead with your project.

You should come and check out our factory sometime!

At Uniplan Group we’re fanatical about LEAN manufacturing. We’re continually finding new and improved ways to manufacture the perfect home or cabin.
We have varying techniques for manufacturing different sized dwellings. Some are built in a single location from start to finish, while others are produced through a production line with various ‘Stations’ the pass through to have set tasks completed.

Smaller dwellings move through 8 stations with each station taking two days to complete their work. This means we build a complete home, from scratch all the way through to painting, tiling, curtains and floor coverings in just 16 days! Beat that!

That means our factory produces a fully complete home every 2 days.

Keeping in touch every step of the way.

It is important that we keep you up to date about your project. To ensure this we follow a detailed Project Management System. We introduce you to the various team members that you will be working with.

We want you to feel like part of our family. You need to know who you will be talking to about colours, site details, payments and the likes. At the time of signing the contract we will provide you with an overview and contact details for all our key players.